Web Design – What Should be Included?

sharpened pencilsSuccessful website design depends on several key components.  Everyone wants a website that looks great, but then what?

In today’s market, you may find a web designer who will design a striking website for a relatively small fee.  The designer gets paid, the client gets a great looking website and everyone is happy, right?  Remember the old adage about the ‘needle in the haystack’?  Web design is much like that.  You can have something beautiful and shiny hidden in a mountain of hay and you may never find it.

Every website should be built with traffic, analytics and SEO in mind.

Know what you hope to gain from your website.  If you want people to fill out a contact sheet, or find your email address or phone number, then SEO is critical.  Most businesses do not have a need for a ‘vanity website‘.  They seek out a web designer to help them solve a business problem.

Discuss website functionality requirements before you discuss design.  Do you need to measure website traffic?  Do you want to be on page 1 of Google?  Do you want to know that when someone types a particular word in a search engine that your site will be found?  Do you want to be able to blog?  Do you want to run an Adword campaign?  Do you want to integrate social media?  All of these requirements are best discussed up front before the design is done.

Remember, it’s easy for someone to find you online if they know the name of your business.  If you are looking for new business and new customers, it will not happen without the work being put into the design and the content.  It is time consuming and an ongoing responsibility.  Many web designers offer support packages for this reason.

We want you to be successful.  Communicate upfront and honestly.  Don’t get caught up in the design, the fonts or the graphics until you have discussed functionality.  You won’t regret it!

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