Top New Years Resolutions for Your Website

Photo of the Year 2014I like to tell myself I quit making New Years Resolutions, but in my head I always think about the changes I would like to make in the coming year.  As I mulled over what I need to change in 2014, I realized those same resolutions applied to my online presence as well.

Consider a few online resolutions for the coming year:

1.  Focus on Health:   Your website needs an annual checkup. If your website is healthy, it is easier to maintain your ranking with the major search engines. Once your website’s health is in jeopardy, so is your ranking with Google and Bing. We can help you do a checkup and correct potential problems before they become catastrophic and the search engines block your site.

2. Lose Weight:  Your website may need to lose some weight. Are your photographs sized appropriately for the web? Are you hosting your own videos instead of using a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo? Are your pages bloated with outdated information about your business and your services? Did your designer ‘stuff’ your website with keywords that actually hurt you rather than help you?

3.  Enjoy Life More:  For many of us this means focusing less on work and more on our families and our social lives. Are you using Social Media effectively in your business? Do you know when to use Pinterest Vs. YouTube Vs. FaceBook Vs. Instagram? Do you understand the implications of duplicate content on the web? Do you have good social boundaries to protect your business?

4. Get Organized: Take an objective view of your website. Is your site easy to navigate or do your clients get lost trying to find information? Do your videos, quotes, photographs depict your business accurately? Did your business move or change phone numbers? If you had a change in staffing, did you update your website? Staff names and bios should be updated as your business changes. Do you have a contact form? Is it going to the correct email address? Is it an email you check frequently? If not, you may be losing business.

5. Learn Something New: This is a great time to add new functionality to your website or your online profiles. We can design a website for you that you can easily maintain. We will teach you the tools you need to keep it current.

6. Change Your Look: Personally, this may mean a new hairstyle or a new wardrobe. For your website, it may mean changing the colors, the font, or the entire design. Large beautiful photographs with little or no words may be perfect for an artist, but may not be the right solution for someone offering services to the community.

Many people work with life coaches to help them make changes in their personal lives. Some experts will tell you it takes 20-30 days to change a habit and a life coach helps keep you focused.

We can make your online resolutions much easier to achieve – we do all the work!  We can spend time with you to understand changes you want to make to your website or your social media accounts, or we can do an audit and make improvement recommendations. The joy of working with a small company is our ability to be flexible.

Use our contact form to inquire about our ‘online check-up’ and take the first step in achieving a Happy New Year!