Rick Lang Photography

This week we had the pleasure of introducing the website RickLangPhotography.com.

Rick Lang Photography, Airstream Trailer

Rick Lang is an amazing photographer. When he approached me about designing a website for him I was excited by the prospect. Rick has been a personal friend, teacher and mentor of mine for many years. His photographs reflect a vision and keen sense of our everyday experiences that are fast disappearing from our social and cultural landscape.

Rick is a professional photographer, artist and historian. He has immersed himself in the history of his craft and it’s cultural impacts on society. This passion led him to the classroom where he has patiently and meticulously shared his knowledge of the photographic process for over 23 years. He takes his students on a journey that combines the techniques, aesthetics and responsibilities of capturing a single moment in time that might otherwise be lost. He always encourages discussion and dialog as part of the journey.

Rick Lang Photography, Truck, Sterlington, LA

Many people would describe Rick as a modern day documentary photographer. His work is definitely influenced by photographers such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange and his knowledge of their work is unsurpassed. Much like many of the FSA photographers, Rick also loves the journey and is a well-known story teller in his own right. Through his images, the viewer is given the opportunity to come along on the journey and share in the experience.

Don’t be surprised when you also detect a sense of humor in some of his work. Rick has a knack for capturing those little moments in life that just make you smile.

Rick’s works are held in public and private collections throughout the Southeast. I recently found one of his images hanging in the jury room at the Orange County courthouse – an image of Two Egg, FL. It made me smile.

Visit Rick’s website:  RickLangPhotography.com.