Remember when?

Remember when you first saw that website design and loved all the scrolling and bright colors?

Remember when you said that logo would ‘do for now’ ? Remember when you said you did not anticipate you would ever have time to update your web page?  Remember when you said you definitely wanted to update your website ‘when you had time’?

It’s funny how time changes our perspective.  What seemed ideal years ago or even months ago may just never come to fruition.  Often times people rush to the finish line with the hopes of having time tomorrow….but you know what they say…..sometimes tomorrow just never comes.

There are amazing tools in the marketplace that can give amazing results.  Flash is amazing, but it is not for every business or every website.  After you and your customers look at that flashing red and black banner with the music playing EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HIT THAT HOME PAGE….well, you get the picture.  I always liken it to how quickly songs move in and out of the top ten….our tastes change – especially with the loud and flashy.  Now, let’s give Flash credit where credit is due.  It does not have to be loud or slow.  A Flash animation can be beautiful and graceful.   Flash and SEO do not play well together, just like Flash and Apple do not play well together.  Flash designers LOVE to use Flash – it’s their baby!  Can you have SEO with Flash?  Yes, some.  But it takes more coding and more knowledge.   We all know that being a good designer does not make you an SEO expert.  Ask questions!  You must know what you want and what you need before a design company can deliver!

Let’s admit it.  Our tastes change.  Our perspective changes – especially once we are in business for a while.  That logo seemed great six months ago.  Now you realize, it really limits your color palette when printing literature to promote your business.  It looks unreadable when it is small.  These are things you and your designer must discuss.  Before you live 10 years with a design you no longer like, change it.  Look at big businesses like IBM for example — their logo has changed dramatically over the course of time.  Brand is important and if you are just starting out, think long and hard about what you can live with for the next 10 years.

When you first met with your designer, you may not have predicted the change in the economy.  You may not have anticipated the competitor that would move in across the street.  You may never have anticipated the need to update your own webpage.  Now you may have to pay again to have the content updated.  Or, you may have planned to update your own content but business is booming and who has time for that?  Or maybe after a few months you don’t remember how to do the updates!  The best time to plan is always at the beginning, but all is not lost.  If your designer did not talk to you about these things, it might just be time to find a new designer.

The one thing about change is that it is constant.  Ask questions of your designer before the agreements are signed.  Do your own research and think about the look and feel you want your business to have on the web.  Allocate money in your ongoing budget for updates and all the things you did not anticipate.  You’ll be glad you did.