Rain, Art and Music

I woke to pouring rain this morning.  It has been so dry here lately, that the sound was at first unfamiliar and a bit shocking. As I settled into the rhythm, I felt the desire to just relax into it. Rain, after such a long period of dryness, is so refreshing and so welcomed! I gave myself permission to cancel all my plans to run errands and just enjoy the slower pace of a rainy day.

Closeup Photo of Resurrection FernsInspiration comes in so many forms. I immediately noticed the resurrection ferns on my cedar tree slowly coming to life. It is amazing to watch these seemingly dry and lifeless ferns absorb the rain. They slowly unfurl and turn green after being dormant for so long. Rebirth – so appropriate for the first days of spring.Photo of Resurrection Ferns

Music was in order to enjoy this day. Show tunes!  ’Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ from Oklahoma.  Such a fitting song for a warm self-nurturing day. As I listened to the music, I reflected on my weekend. We did some volunteer work at the Winter Park Art Festival this past weekend. We connected with friends and enjoyed taking in all the creative energy.

The artwork was amazing and inspiring. Local artist Matthew Cornell won Best of Show for a truly memorable painting entitled ‘Middle America‘.  It was a great time to catch up with artists and friends Stacy Barter and Stephen Bach.  How inspirational it is to follow the journey of artists as they refine their work.  I was blown away!

The rain, relaxation, art and music come together for me and create a new creative vision.  I have several new projects underway and this rejuvenation is just what I needed.  It is spring after all!