Online Security: Be Careful what you Download

Don’t be tempted to download ANYTHING you are unfamiliar with.  This is good advice – period.   It is also advice many people ignore – especially at holidays.  What do holidays have to do with downloads?

How about that cool holiday wallpaper.

Or that graphic that does really cool things.

Or that email with all the cool animations that you just cannot resist opening?

I will never understand the mind of someone who tries to intentionally harm others – I’ve been the recipient of major virus’ on my computer in the past.  Computer virus’ and attacks cost money and it damages equipment, files, reputations and credit standings.  Don’t fall to temptation.

Think before you click.

‘Free’ templates can ‘trick’ you by containing information hidden off the computer screen.

Think before you click.

That tempting animation you want to download may capture your IP address.

Think before you click.

Seemingly harmless software may track every keystroke on your keyboard.

That might just be the password to your bank account they are trapping.

Keep your information secure.  Today is a great day to go change all your passwords.  Make them complex.  Make them different for all the systems you access.  It minimizes your risk should someone get their hands on your password – at least they won’t have them all.