Light Field Camera

First I must confess that I have put my name on the list for people interested in buying this camera.

I love technology, but I’m not usually an early adopter.  I like to read reviews from those who couldn’t wait for the bugs to be worked out.  But this is different.  When I went to Lytro’s web page I was mesmerized.

I wear glasses.  Autofocus doesn’t always give the result I am looking for.  But with glasses and manual focus, well that’s not a guarantee either.

Enter the Light Field Camera (of which there are no photos but yet I’m ready to buy one).  A camera that allows you to shoot a scene and worry about the focus after the fact.  Imagine all those weddings I did – now suddenly much easier to tackle.  Focus and adjust for a white cake against a white dress.  Now shoot when the lights go dim.  How about that bouquet toss?  It boggles the mind.

I’m sure there are some that will stand their silver ground.   Not me.  I’m ready for the new.  Bring it on.

In the interim, I will go back to the web page and play with changing depth of field on photos taken post shutter release.