Inbound Writer

If you are trying to increase traffic on your WordPress blog, you may want to look into a newly released plugin called “Inbound Writer“.

Blogs can certainly drive traffic to your site.  As authors, we know our subject matter very well.  We do not always know what terminology our audience might use to search out our topics, however.

How does Inbound Writer help?  When you create your blog entry, you provide Inbound Writer with three keywords from your blog.  As you write, the plugin provides streaming real-time search intelligence which allows you to optimize your blog as you type.  This intelligence is contained within WordPress which makes optimizing centralized within the WordPress dashboard.  Just evaluate the suggestions and use or not as you see fit.  Some sites are reporting up to a 27% increase in traffic since adopting the plug-in.  (Vertical Leap)

It is definitely worth a second look.  SEO changes on a daily basis, so having real-time information at your fingertips can only help.

If you are using the plugin – what do you think?

I will come back and give you my thoughts after my own testing.