Food Trucks and Technology

After following The Great Food Truck Race, my husband and I decided to venture out to try some of the food trucks in our area.  It was a rainy night and our limited time was wedged between his meeting and my upcoming conference call.  Needless to say, we decided to hit the road and make a quick pass.  We enjoyed the experience and will most likely do this again when we have more time.

What strikes me about this was how important social media and technology are for these trucks.  Most of the individual trucks use Twitter to notify their followers where they will be on any given night.  They all have Facebook pages and there is even someone that provides some marketing (or so it appears) for  the trucks and also tweets about Food Truck gatherings.

The truck where I purchased my food was using an iPad to process payment.  People were signing with their finger tip.  The food delivery wasn’t as fast as the payment, though….

Social media is great and technology can be a boon to business if you know how to use them together.   These guys have the right idea judging from the crowd.