Finding Inspiration in the Art of Others

Image of Winter Park Paintout PosterIn my opinion, good designers spend as much time away from their computers as they do in front of them. Remember the old adage All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? My name may not be Jack, but the message is not lost on me.

Next week I will be drawing inspiration from the artists participating in the Winter Park Paint Out hosted by the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens. This is a highly anticipated event by art enthusiasts throughout Central Florida.  We have been attending the event for three years and we are very excited it is just around the corner.

The Paint Out kicks off on Sunday, April 22nd and culminates with a fabulous Garden Party the following Saturday, April 28th, at The Polasek. Throughout the week, 26 plein air artists will be finding their inspiration throughout Winter Park as they capture the light, the scenery and the activity in and around our beautiful town. In addition, several artists will be offering demonstrations showcasing their oil painting and watercolor techniques.  Check out the schedule of events for dates and times.

For those of you who frequent Park Avenue, you can expect to see artists capturing street scenes.  Last year two friends came to the Garden Party specifically to purchase a painting they were in.  They were delighted to have such a wonderful memento of a quiet lunch on Park Avenue!

The Garden Party is my favorite event.  This is the public’s chance to purchase an original painting from one of the artists.  You will have an opportunity to meet the artists and talk to them about their work.  I always love hearing the ‘back stories’.   It makes owning the painting so much more personal when you know what the artist endured to paint it!  The event always sells out, so make sure you get tickets now so you will not be disappointed.

If you have never attended this event you have really missed something special.  I recommend you attend.  You will not be disappointed – in fact – you might just find something to inspire you in your own work.

Let’s just say I’ll see you there!