Finding a Website Designer

Maggie McLeod Designs is a Winter Park, Florida based web design company.  We love Winter Park – that’s why we live and work here, but we can design for you no matter where your business is located.  We have done work for businesses in various locations in the Central Florida area including Sanford, Maitland, Winter Park and Orlando.  In the coming months, we hope to create websites for people outside of Florida as well.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to recap some of our services through a quick FAQ:

I don’t live in Winter Park.  Can you still design a website for me?

Absolutely!  The reality is that most people have no idea where their websites are physically hosted.  They may know what company hosts their website, but the location is often unknown.  We can help you with your website regardless of your hosting company or your physical location.  We use phone, email and even Skype to communicate with our clients if they are not located in the local area.

I don’t have a URL name and I don’t know how to get one.  Can you help?

Yes!  We can guide you through the process of finding a URL name and purchasing it.  There are often many options associated with the purchase of a URL name, and those options can be confusing.  Don’t be coerced into purchasing options and services you may not need.

Picking a hosting company is hard work!  I don’t know what I need.  How do I choose?

We agree and that is exactly why Maggie McLeod Designs offers website hosting to their clients.  If you have already purchased hosting, we can work with you to move your account to our servers.  We also understand if you have committed to long-term contracts – we can generally work with existing hosting accounts – you will just need to provide us with access to your accounts.

I want to update my own website.  Is that possible?

Yes, there are now good options for turning the website over to you to manage.  We also realize some people just don’t have time to manage their website, blogging and social media, so we can provide those services as well.

There is so much I don’t understand.  Help!

The internet changes everyday.  Design trends constantly change.  Technology is ever evolving and sometimes it is overwhelming.  We encourage you to subscribe to our blog and to visit our site often.  We will be blogging about 2012 trends over the next few weeks and we don’t want you to miss a thing!