Content Management Systems

Image of HandshakeWe recently had an inquiry about updating a WordPress site for a client. The site that seemed so simple in the beginning had become difficult for them to manage.  They were looking for someone to make major modifications to their site without impacting their existing traffic.

Content Management Systems are often a good solution for the client that wants to control their content themselves. Quality content management-based websites are built on sound design decisions with a focus on strategic marketing goals.  Neither was in place for this client.

My client’s ‘friend’ helped him buy the URL name and select a hosting package.  Once the site was configured, many different color combinations, page layouts, and strategies were tested. No clean up was done to remove what had been unsuccessful.  The same ‘friend’ helped with SEO by trading links with a link farm who had a less than positive reputation with Google. Needless to say this was a very bad decision.

Over time, the responsibility for updating the site changed hands. Complete access to all the content of the site had been given to at least 5 people. Poor content was now peppered throughout the Search Engine results and the owner of the site was not aware of the problem.

These impacts can be far-reaching.  Content can be published prematurely.  Associations with link farms can kill your hard-won search engine results.  The cost to correct the problems is almost always more than the cost to prevent them.  Worst of all, friends become enemies.  Is it worth the risk?

The solution for this type of problem depends on so many factors.  Sometimes configuration changes can be made successfully, and in some cases, a complete re-build of the site and re-launching is the solution.  Working with Search Engine companies to restore your reputation takes time – sometimes a very long time.

Web design should be included in your overall marketing and business plan.  Taking shortcuts upfront will be much more costly in the end. At Maggie McLeod Designs, we want to work with you to develop a website that supports your business plan.

Let us help you take the first steps to achieving a strong and effective presence on the web.