Color and Inspiration

I recently took a break from working and spent a long weekend exploring St. Petersburg, FL. On this trip, I was only armed with my Android phone but that has never stopped me from photographing whenever the inspiration strikes.  One of my first stops was in the glass studio at The Morean Arts Center.  The staff encourages visitors to take photos, so that was all the invitation I needed.


The glass was beautiful. I loved the warm colors and the shapes in this display. We have so much ‘coolness’ in the winter colors here, the warmth inspired me to find a way to warm up some of the projects I am currently working on. Don’t expect to see an orange and yellow website, but look for some warm colors and subtle textures to be introduced.



Close up of a Glass Vase from the Morean Arts Center

The next inspiring image was a closeup I took of a hand-blown glass vase.  I loved the play of shadows and highlights and the mixtures of warm and cool colors.  I loved the ‘feel’ of quiet space and the 3D feeling of the artwork. Definitely beautiful.  These pieces inspired me to visit the Chihuly Collection on my next visit to St. Pete.

The day itself was gorgeous and my husband and I wandered into a lot of small beach hideaways. The scenery that inspired me soon started to fill my little Android gallery. Maybe there is not single element of design to be taken from everything we see, but there is definitely inspiration in opening our eyes and just taking in what is so beautifully laid out in front of us.

Perhaps the real inspiration comes from pushing back from the computer and just curling your toes up in the sand and feeling the breeze move through your hair.  There is something to be said for coming back to a project refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

Parasailing St. Petersburg, FL




Parasailing in St. Petersburg, FL





John's Pass, FL


Sunset at John’s Pass