Reggie “Sweet” Johnson

Reggie “Sweet” Johnson Attending International Boxing Hall of Fame

(Houston, Texas) — Wednesday, May 3, 2016, Three-time World Boxing Champion Reggie “Sweet” Johnson, 49, is attending the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, N.Y., this year.

“I’m going to the Hall of Fame like I have over the years since 2005,” Johnson said. “I like the event because everyone in the world of boxing is there. It’s a good time to catch up with people and the Hall does a great job of taking care of everyone: fans, celebrities, media people, everybody who loves boxing should sometime go to the International Boxing Hall of Fame.”

Johnson, Houston’s first world boxing champion, has a pro boxing record with 44 wins (25 KOs), 7 Losses (0 KOs) and 1 draw. He boxed 374 rounds, has a 48.08 KO percentage and three world titles in two weight divisions: middleweight and light heavyweight.

Johnson will be in Canastota, N.Y., June 9-12 for all the 2016 International Boxing Hall of Fame events including a golf tournament, a banquet, parade, VIP events, a 5K fun run and an autograph card show. Boxing legends, boxing royalty, boxing fans and boxing supporters attend the Official Enshrinement Ceremony.

2016 Inductees to the International Boxing Hall of Fame:


  • Hecto “Macho” Camacho
  • Lupe Pintor
  • Halario Zapata
  • Harold Lederman
  • Marc Ratner
  • Jerry Izenberg
  • Colonel Bob Sheridan


Johnson is one of eight men to win titles in middleweight and light heavyweight divisions including: Bob Fitzsimmons*, Dick Tiger*, Sugar Ray Leonard*, Thomas Hearns*, Mike McCallum*, Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins. (*IBHOF Inductees).

Johnson fought ranked, current and former world champions to earn his world titles including “Irish” Steve Collins, Roy Jones Jr., William Guthrie, Jorge Castro (2X in Argentina), John David Jackson, , Lamar Parks, Ole Klemetsen, Antonio Tarver, Julio Gonzalez, Ki Yun Song, and James Toney.

  • Johnson won the IBA Light Heavyweight title in a split decision over Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Feb. 23, 2008, in Lake Charles, LA.
  • Johnson knocked out William Guthrie in the fifth round with a one-punch knockout to win the IBF Light Heavyweight Title, Feb. 6, 1998, in Uncasville, CT.
  • Johnson a majority decision over Steve Collins for the WBA Middleweight Title, April 22, 1992, in East Rutherford, N.J.

Johnson uses his boxing notoriety to bring support to charities including Anti-Bullying, a national issue, BASECamp Children’s Cancer Charity, Cystic Fibrosis, and Anti-Child Trafficking.


Top New Years Resolutions for Your Website

Photo of the Year 2014I like to tell myself I quit making New Years Resolutions, but in my head I always think about the changes I would like to make in the coming year.  As I mulled over what I need to change in 2014, I realized those same resolutions applied to my online presence as well.

Consider a few online resolutions for the coming year:

1.  Focus on Health:   Your website needs an annual checkup. If your website is healthy, it is easier to maintain your ranking with the major search engines. Once your website’s health is in jeopardy, so is your ranking with Google and Bing. We can help you do a checkup and correct potential problems before they become catastrophic and the search engines block your site.

2. Lose Weight:  Your website may need to lose some weight. Are your photographs sized appropriately for the web? Are you hosting your own videos instead of using a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo? Are your pages bloated with outdated information about your business and your services? Did your designer ‘stuff’ your website with keywords that actually hurt you rather than help you?

3.  Enjoy Life More:  For many of us this means focusing less on work and more on our families and our social lives. Are you using Social Media effectively in your business? Do you know when to use Pinterest Vs. YouTube Vs. FaceBook Vs. Instagram? Do you understand the implications of duplicate content on the web? Do you have good social boundaries to protect your business?

4. Get Organized: Take an objective view of your website. Is your site easy to navigate or do your clients get lost trying to find information? Do your videos, quotes, photographs depict your business accurately? Did your business move or change phone numbers? If you had a change in staffing, did you update your website? Staff names and bios should be updated as your business changes. Do you have a contact form? Is it going to the correct email address? Is it an email you check frequently? If not, you may be losing business.

5. Learn Something New: This is a great time to add new functionality to your website or your online profiles. We can design a website for you that you can easily maintain. We will teach you the tools you need to keep it current.

6. Change Your Look: Personally, this may mean a new hairstyle or a new wardrobe. For your website, it may mean changing the colors, the font, or the entire design. Large beautiful photographs with little or no words may be perfect for an artist, but may not be the right solution for someone offering services to the community.

Many people work with life coaches to help them make changes in their personal lives. Some experts will tell you it takes 20-30 days to change a habit and a life coach helps keep you focused.

We can make your online resolutions much easier to achieve – we do all the work!  We can spend time with you to understand changes you want to make to your website or your social media accounts, or we can do an audit and make improvement recommendations. The joy of working with a small company is our ability to be flexible.

Use our contact form to inquire about our ‘online check-up’ and take the first step in achieving a Happy New Year!


Construction Disputes Consultants, LLC

Photo of Sam L. Lee, President Construction Disputes Consultants, LLCWe recently had the pleasure of working with Sam L. Lee, President of Construction Disputes Consultants, LLC.  Sam wanted a new website as a way to demonstrate the services his new company offers potential clients.

Sam has over 24 years experience and expertise working with the construction and design industry. He felt he could better serve his clients by opening his own consulting practice focused on resolving construction industry disputes.

We worked together to design an easily accessible website for both his existing clients as well as his future clients. Sam wanted to make sure his contacts could maneuver the website with ease and also wanted the ability for clients to easily download contact and resume information.

Sam is joined by consultant Susan Domanski in this new endeavor. Sam also provides access to his associated consultants in various construction and design disciplines.  Together, they build teams with the knowledge necessary to resolve construction disputes for his clients.

We wish Construction Disputes Consultants, LLC  much success in the launch of their new business!

Visit Sam’s new website to learn more about his business, Construction Disputes Consultants, LLC.





Your Online Legacy

Recently a dear friend and client passed away. He knew his illness would take his life, but no one knew how quickly it would happen.

Stop and think how much of your life is online. In this day and age, this is a new area that requires consideration when you get your affairs in order.

If you have a website, would you want that website maintained? An artist may, a business owner may or may not. If you are a sole proprietor, the business may not survive you.

It may be prudent to have a list of all your online accounts and the email addresses and passwords associated with those accounts. These should be filed with your will or with your attorney. You might be surprised how many email addresses you have and how many online accounts you have.

Consider the following accounts:

  1. Email.  Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, webmail (associated with your website), or others. I recently received an email from Yahoo! telling me they had purged many inactive email accounts to make those addresses available to new subscribers.
  2. Social Media/Blogging.  Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, LiveJournal, Deviant Art, Twitter, StumbleUpon, 43 Things, CafeMom, Weebly, TypePad – the list goes on and on.
  3. Membership Sites.,, DropBox, Networking Websites, Dating Websites.
  4. Business Promotion sites.  Google Places, Manta, Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, Business Registries, etc.
  5. Accounts associated with your website.  Website host, Domain Provider (, etc), Google Analytics, Askimet, etc.
  6. Photo/Video Hosting sites.  Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Shutterfly, etc.
  7. Ecommerce sites.  EBAY, ETSY, Dawanda, Artfire, Amazon, Shopping Cart sites (Volusion, Shopify), etc.
  8. Online Financial Accounts.  Banking, PayPal, Cell Phones, Investment Accounts, etc.  Handling of these accounts should definitely be a high priority in your will.

These are just the most common sites. Depending on your personal interests and/or your business, there may be others that are industry related.

Many social media sites have started to develop their own procedures for these situations. Here is a link to Google’s support page that discusses their Inactive Account Manager.  There is an app on Facebook called If I Die which allows you to record a message to be published upon your death and also allows you to specify trusted people that can report your death. Facebook’s default handling of your account is to memorialize it (which means keeping it active). There must be a verified request in order to delete an account.

Most all sites I checked have a procedure for how they handle an account of a deceased member. If you are concerned about any of these you may want to check each site’s individual policy or discuss this with your attorney or estate planner.

No one likes to think about these things. It is just another part of our extended selves we must consider when making our personal arrangements and decisions about the end of our lives. My family would have no idea what to do with all my online accounts, so I will make it a priority to handle these details now.


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Elise Bloom, Photographer

Website Image for Elise Bloom

Click Image for

Elise Bloom is an amazing photographer from Winter Park, FL.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Elise to create a website to showcase her photography.

Elise and I took photography classes together several years ago. We took an extended class exploring black and white documentary photography at Crealde School of Art. I remember her documentary project very well – her images speak with an easiness about the way we live our lives. Capturing the complexity of everyday life requires a talent and an insight not all photographers possess.

Elise told me she had been accepted into ‘Review Santa Fe‘ and hoped to have her website revised and available once she arrived in Santa Fe.  As is the way with many artists, she knew exactly how she wanted to present her work on the web. We worked together to get the website up before she left. Luckily, we could revise the normal schedule by delaying her website training to accommodate her needs.

Upon her return home from the portfolio review and I was so happy to hear she received positive feedback about her work. Congratulations!

You can see Elise’s photography here:



Rain, Art and Music

I woke to pouring rain this morning.  It has been so dry here lately, that the sound was at first unfamiliar and a bit shocking. As I settled into the rhythm, I felt the desire to just relax into it. Rain, after such a long period of dryness, is so refreshing and so welcomed! I gave myself permission to cancel all my plans to run errands and just enjoy the slower pace of a rainy day.

Closeup Photo of Resurrection FernsInspiration comes in so many forms. I immediately noticed the resurrection ferns on my cedar tree slowly coming to life. It is amazing to watch these seemingly dry and lifeless ferns absorb the rain. They slowly unfurl and turn green after being dormant for so long. Rebirth – so appropriate for the first days of spring.Photo of Resurrection Ferns

Music was in order to enjoy this day. Show tunes!  ’Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ from Oklahoma.  Such a fitting song for a warm self-nurturing day. As I listened to the music, I reflected on my weekend. We did some volunteer work at the Winter Park Art Festival this past weekend. We connected with friends and enjoyed taking in all the creative energy.

The artwork was amazing and inspiring. Local artist Matthew Cornell won Best of Show for a truly memorable painting entitled ‘Middle America‘.  It was a great time to catch up with artists and friends Stacy Barter and Stephen Bach.  How inspirational it is to follow the journey of artists as they refine their work.  I was blown away!

The rain, relaxation, art and music come together for me and create a new creative vision.  I have several new projects underway and this rejuvenation is just what I needed.  It is spring after all!


Kathy Bensabat Tropical Art Gallery

This week we are proud to launch the website

I love my job!  I get to work with people from all walks of life and it is such an added pleasure when the interests of my clients fall in line with my own.  Such was the case with Kathy Bensabat.

Kathy Bensabat Art - Beth's Cats

Beth's Cats

Kathy lives and works in Winter Park, FL. Her work is alive with color and movement. She works in both watercolor and oil, and her choice of subjects range from everyday moments such as cats lounging to magical mermaids to beautiful seascapes from St. Lucia where she loves to visit and paint.

It only takes a few minutes of looking through her gallery to understand why many of Kathy’s pieces are held in private collections. She is represented by Ta Da Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, FL and you will see her work shown throughout central Florida and beyond. Work not yet owned by private collectors is available for purchase on her website – Artwork for Sale.

Kathy Bensabat Art - Storm Coming

Storm Coming

Kathy received her BS from Florida State University and her BFA from Louisiana University. Kathy also loves to share her love for art with the students she teaches in Casselberry, FL.  In addition to public classes, Kathy teaches a limited number of private classes in her home in Winter Park.

For more information on her classes, please send her a note through the contact form on her website.






Color and Inspiration

I recently took a break from working and spent a long weekend exploring St. Petersburg, FL. On this trip, I was only armed with my Android phone but that has never stopped me from photographing whenever the inspiration strikes.  One of my first stops was in the glass studio at The Morean Arts Center.  The staff encourages visitors to take photos, so that was all the invitation I needed.


The glass was beautiful. I loved the warm colors and the shapes in this display. We have so much ‘coolness’ in the winter colors here, the warmth inspired me to find a way to warm up some of the projects I am currently working on. Don’t expect to see an orange and yellow website, but look for some warm colors and subtle textures to be introduced.



Close up of a Glass Vase from the Morean Arts Center

The next inspiring image was a closeup I took of a hand-blown glass vase.  I loved the play of shadows and highlights and the mixtures of warm and cool colors.  I loved the ‘feel’ of quiet space and the 3D feeling of the artwork. Definitely beautiful.  These pieces inspired me to visit the Chihuly Collection on my next visit to St. Pete.

The day itself was gorgeous and my husband and I wandered into a lot of small beach hideaways. The scenery that inspired me soon started to fill my little Android gallery. Maybe there is not single element of design to be taken from everything we see, but there is definitely inspiration in opening our eyes and just taking in what is so beautifully laid out in front of us.

Perhaps the real inspiration comes from pushing back from the computer and just curling your toes up in the sand and feeling the breeze move through your hair.  There is something to be said for coming back to a project refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

Parasailing St. Petersburg, FL




Parasailing in St. Petersburg, FL





John's Pass, FL


Sunset at John’s Pass


Rick Lang Photography

This week we had the pleasure of introducing the website

Rick Lang Photography, Airstream Trailer

Rick Lang is an amazing photographer. When he approached me about designing a website for him I was excited by the prospect. Rick has been a personal friend, teacher and mentor of mine for many years. His photographs reflect a vision and keen sense of our everyday experiences that are fast disappearing from our social and cultural landscape.

Rick is a professional photographer, artist and historian. He has immersed himself in the history of his craft and it’s cultural impacts on society. This passion led him to the classroom where he has patiently and meticulously shared his knowledge of the photographic process for over 23 years. He takes his students on a journey that combines the techniques, aesthetics and responsibilities of capturing a single moment in time that might otherwise be lost. He always encourages discussion and dialog as part of the journey.

Rick Lang Photography, Truck, Sterlington, LA

Many people would describe Rick as a modern day documentary photographer. His work is definitely influenced by photographers such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange and his knowledge of their work is unsurpassed. Much like many of the FSA photographers, Rick also loves the journey and is a well-known story teller in his own right. Through his images, the viewer is given the opportunity to come along on the journey and share in the experience.

Don’t be surprised when you also detect a sense of humor in some of his work. Rick has a knack for capturing those little moments in life that just make you smile.

Rick’s works are held in public and private collections throughout the Southeast. I recently found one of his images hanging in the jury room at the Orange County courthouse – an image of Two Egg, FL. It made me smile.

Visit Rick’s website:







Erica on Style

Erica Warlick’s style is casually sophisticated. She is a true style chameleon dressing for her different moods. Her polished, refined taste includes one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that complete a look that goes all the way down to her toes which could be fit comfortably into a pair of smooth leather ballet flats or black motorcycle boots.

 Visit Erica’s site and subscribe to her blog:  Erica on Style