A Lesson in Analytics

Defining Analytics

The definition of analytics according to Merriam Webster online is ‘the method of logical analysis’.  It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of launching a new website.  Between the business owner, the designer, the content writer and the social media guru, there is a great flurry of activity.  Finally!  When someone keys in your URL name, a cool website comes up and works perfectly – but what comes next?

Using AnalyticsArrow pointing downward

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is better understood today than it was 5 years ago or even 2 years ago.  There is great emphasis on Google ranking; After all, search engines are how the general public find the companies they wish to do business with.  How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our website?  Analytics.

Analytics help us understand demographics, when the site is accessed, what technology was used, what pages were viewed, how long they stayed on the site, etc.   Once we know all that, what comes next?  This is where I recommend engaging a company that understands how to leverage this information to your best advantage.

Analyzing Analytics

The worst thing you can do is misinterpret analytics.

Understanding the difference between bounce rate, conversion rate, abandonment rate, and exit rate can be daunting.  Once you have the data, you must drill down on those statistics and see how they differ by demographics, time of day, technology in use, etc.  Finally you have reached the starting point for addressing possible changes.

What if you are using an embedded web font that the majority of your customers’ browsers cannot render properly?  Analytics may be able to point you to this problem, however, improperly interpreting what your analytics are telling you may send you spiraling toward failure.


If you want statistics and ongoing tuning of your website to improve ranking, performance or conversion rates, hire a professional that specializes in such services.  Your expertise is in your business.  Let the web designer do their job and help you interpret and modify your content to achieve the results you desire.