Maggie McLeod Designs Provides Design and Hosting

Maggie McLeod Designs has now partnered with a web host so we can package our web design with hosting.  The more we worked with our clients, the more we realized they wanted a design company who could do it all.  That’s us!  We will schedule a meeting with you to understand your business needs. We [...]

Is Facebook the Face of the ‘New’ Web?

This morning I woke up to more frustrating and unwelcome changes to Facebook yet again.  Winter Park is a close community. Everyone in my social circle dislikes the changes.  They feel disorganized and disoriented.  I echo their sentiment. Last Friday I had a discussion with potential client of Maggie McLeod Designs.  They were advised by [...]

Soft Skills are Critical Skills

I had an interesting conversation with someone I admire a great deal.  We were discussing the skills needed to create and run your own business.  The discussion focused on necessary skills not specifically related to the business product. He referred to these as ‘soft skills’.  I was surprised because we differed so much about what [...]